Dr. Henry has been helping Atlantans see clearly without glasses or contacts. Together, Dr. Henry and some of the best Lasik surgeons in Atlanta have been setting the standard for patient care and surgical options. At Henry Vision Center, quality patient care is the priority at each stage of your treatment. Dr. Henry and the staff at Henry Vision Center welcome any questions you may have about your eyes and your surgery.

At Henry Vision Center, our patients have access to the absolute best treatment options available. By employing science called wavefront technology, Lasik surgeons are able to offer a customized LASIK procedure that can provide patients with their "Personal Best Vision." Custom LASIK improves your chances of achieving 20/20 vision or better. Many patients frequently report improvement in their night vision as well. Most custom and bladeless LASIK patients enjoy vision exceeding their previous vision with glasses or contact lenses.

A Lifetime Assurance Plan enables qualified patients to return for free enhancements when indicated.

New advances in eyesight corrective surgery are providing consumers greater choices. The FDA has approved LASIK for people 18 years old and over.

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